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Black Harbour Distillers Inc. is committed to responsible consumption

Must be over 19 years of age to enjoy Black Harbour Products

Black Harbour Distillers Inc.

Our History

Black Harbour Distillers, “BHD” was established in 2018, by founder Jaime Landry, as a 1st year Dalhousie University Commerce student. She wanted to pursue her dreams and created a company that closely worked with the community and offered locally crafted blended spirits. Jaime's goal was to eventually offer a full range of ready to mix blended spirits, as well as ready to drink cocktail beverages. 

 This led Jaime on a journey of researching customer appetites, market trends, and distilling and legislative licensing requirements which often seemed impossible. However, at  every  level  of  government,  Jaime  was received with openness and cooperation. Throughout Jaime’s initial ground work, she relied on experienced and trusted advisers and continued to utilize these resources moving forward. 

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Black Harbour Distillers Inc.

419 Highway 329, Fox Point, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Social Responsibility

You must be 19 years of age to enjoy our product. 


(1) According to the surgeon General and "common sense" alcohol should not be consumed during pregnancy for risk of Birth Defects

(2) Consumption of Alcohol Beverages impairs your ability to drive a vehicle or operate machinery and "just plain stupid"!

(3) Consumption of Alcohol Beverages may cause health problems. So, we strongly recommend just going for a paddle instead... But, if you're not going for a paddle then have a Black Harbour Beverage...