Jaime's Story

How it all started...


Growing up as an ambitious youth, I always knew my dream job was to own a business. I wanted to be the one to share my creative ideas and take charge. It wasn’t until I was the age of 18 that I began to realize the Distillery Business was the perfect fit for my dreams and goals. I’ve always been inspired to own a business where I can really be connected to the customers and set a lifestyle for my consumers. I want to be able to reach a broad diverse group of people and have a company where my customer base wants a product that is of premium quality and a staple of responsible drinking. Although the Distillery idea has been a fairly new idea for me in the business world, it only seemed right. As I grew up in a family where socializing and drinking responsible was very important. Particularly with a father who set great rules and examples as he worked over 30 years on the regulatory side of the liquor industry. All through my life family and friends would get together to have a great time socializing and telling stories, but one thing that never changed through the years was a special family recipe we held. As long as I can remember older family members and friends loved the unique light sessional taste it had and I must say the non-alcoholic version was quite good and enjoyed by many as well. As I go back to my goals of owning my own business knowing I wanted to be in the business where I could be very connected with my consumers and be associated with a brand that is seen as lifestyle. Therefore, what a better way than to take a famous family recipe that all my family and friends loved and sharing it with many more to love just the same. 

In my final year of high school in my hometown of Bedford, NS at Charles P Allen. I was very fortunate to go on a humanity trip to Consuelo, Dominican Republic. Through this incredible experience of working with children, families and building houses, I was also very lucky to get an inside look into the making of rum all the way from the processing of the sugar cane in the fields to the bottling of the final product. As my humanity group and I worked in the sugar cane fields all morning staking sugar cane for the local franchise distillery, the process became very fascinating to me as we moved from the fields to the warehouse the steps taken to distill and produce alcohol was quite a special experience that has been a huge inspiration in my passion to start my own company , as well as my ultimate goal to be connected to only certified free trade sugar cane suppliers and spirit manufactures, as the respect I have gained from these workers is more than imaginable. 

Now in my first year at Dalhousie University in the Commerce Co-op I have been very inspired by my professors and students to pursue my goals in entrepreneurship. I attended a MyCareer Services panel talk where third and fourth year students discussed their experiences in Co-op terms and one individual’s entrepreneurship experience was very life changing to me, as I really felt inspired to his story and was very interesting to see the great entrepreneurship and support the Dalhousie staff have to offer.

In present day I am very excited to say I am learning a lot about the world of business and the process of starting a Distillery, and drafting a business plan. Which, has so far been the most rewarding and a great learning opportunity that I could never have imagined. I am very excited to keep this moving forward and see what the future holds for Black Harbour Distillery, while continuing to pursue my Commerce Degree at Dalhousie University.